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  1. My green vegetable quiche. Green and gold garden eats.
    The ingredients were sourced from St.Kilda’s accredited Veg Out Community Farmers’ Market.

    Recently friends and family have told me that ethical eating and shopping at farmers markets is beyond their budgets. But I take the attitude that I can’t afford not to shop that way - particularly as I am battling a rare congenital illness.

    In spite of spending all my savings to fund my treatment and household bills, being a breadwinner who was unable to work half of last year and being ineligible for social security, I have continued to shop at Farmers Markets. I have done it frugally. I waste nothing. I grow some food in a tiny yard. I eat offcuts and secondary cuts of meat, much smaller, healthier portions and in particular unlike many, I don’t eat meat at every meal.

    This quiche stretched a small amount of base ingredients a very long way to easily feed four adults, plus some. It included three Golden Yolk eggs, 40mls of creamy Schulz Organic milk, a pinch of Mt. Zero salt, Pastry by Patersons puff pastry, and an onion. From Glenora I used four tomatillo’s, a quarter of a baby leek and a quarter of an old world lush, gnarly ripe green heirloom tomato.

    The seasonings of marjoram, thyme and some sorrel leaves went straight from my garden into the baking dish. To compliment, on the side, a mildly spiced peach chutney that I made from green necatrines grown by Mr Sticki’s sister in her suburban back yard. And it is as good as any cafe meal, in fact better than some I’ve had thanks to the provenance of the food.

    Just perfect, easy to make, rustic food for a warm Summer’s day in the garden, surrounded by the lush joy of our veggie plants, resplendent after a refreshing night’s rain.

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  2. Beer o’clock tapa chez Sticki with blistered Glenora padrons kissed by Mt Zero salt.

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  3. A time to remember and cherish loved ones, to pay tribute to those no longer with us.

    The quiet Christmas main course: Roast goose, pan juice gravy, goose fat roasted King Edward potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower, Japanese turnips and their tops, sourdough stuffing of apple, chestnuts, onion, sage, parsley and marjoram. All the produce was sourced direct from the farmer.

    A simple execution, with beautiful flavours, shared with the most important people, family.

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