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  1. I love Seven Oaks Farmhouse cider. It’s made by the passionate Lisa Cresswell at Merricks North on the Mornington Penninsula, Victoria. She not only also has a separate day job, but runs a homestead holiday accommodation on her property as well.

    A small batch brewer using locally sourced heirloom breeds of apples from her family’s 48ha orchard, every one of her ciders I’ve had is exquisite. Hers are a mixed bag of Norman French and British styles using a traditional pressing technique.

    While the ciders are pricier than mass market brews, apparently it takes up to 18 months in production from tree to market to achieve and the heirloom apple flavours truly shine through. It’s certainly worth the price you pay. Thanks to Dave at Swords, South Melbourne Market for introducing her brand to us last year.

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